Where we get involved

Our entrepreneurial activities focus on the 21st century consumer and their diverse needs.

  • Clothing from everyday apparel to sustainable fashion
  • Products to beautify home and garden
  • Non-food products for the household and children
  • Shopping centers and residential properties
  • And healthy and sustainable lifestyle options

Our entrepreneurial activities focus on Europe and North America, two regions in which we have been active for many years. Our goal is to have comparably strong footholds in these two markets in the future. However, we do not rule out gaining exposure to neighboring markets. We do not see any regional boundaries for our venture capital activities. We think and act globally.

Strategically, we invest exclusively in companies that demonstrate their core values through sustainable and profitable management. Our strategic investments are either market leaders or strive for market leadership.

Future investments will also be based on these themes and guidelines. Venture capital investments can develop into strategic holdings. Real estate in the retail, residential, and in the future office sectors, will remain an important component of our portfolio.