How we work

Constantly evolving challenges require novel ways of working. With this in mind, we developed the subsequent guidelines which characterize our activities at Tengelmann Twenty-One:

  • External orientation: We continuously exchange ideas with our subsidiaries and advise them as partners in their strategic activities. Where we can offer needed information, we can target revitalization of our companies.
  • Teamwork: Shared success is our core value. We work together on solutions and live an open error culture. We are open to constructive contributions from all areas.
  • Flexibility: Working together across topics, breaking new ground if necessary - this is how we face new challenges and deal with change. We react quickly and dynamically to new requirements.
  • Innovation: We always seek innovative new solutions, even those off the beaten track. In ventures, the best ideas prevail.
  • Transparency: We provide direct feedback and openly address conflicts. We actively communication with our colleagues. Through regular and interactive meetings, we promote a collaborative working environment . Each individual knows what contribution he or she can make to the success of the company.

Living these values creates a unique basis of trust and intuitive mutual understanding. Our goal is always to strive for better and faster decisions in the interests of the group. We work project-related and in changing team compositions. In this way, we can enable an interdisciplinary exchange of experience.